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Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Part 2

A hair-raising fairy tale

Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Part 1

A hair-raising fairy tale

KIDOONS™ Network presents
The Story of
Goldilocks and the Three Bears

A hair-raising fairy tale

Part 1:

Do you like good stories about bad kids?

Do you like stories about bears?

Well this funny story has a bad kid and bears in it! It's positively GRIZZLY!

I can't wait to begin telling you the story.
In fact, I can hardly BEAR it!

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived with her parents in a little town near the edge of a big forest. This little girl got everything she wanted.

Her mommy and daddy gave her pretty dresses and shoes. They gave her lots of toys.

Every time they gave her a teddy bear, she would pout and say
"Is that it? I want more! I want a bigger bear!


On her birthday, the little girl was going to have a Princess Party.

She invited all the children in town to come, even kids who were not her friends. Heck, she didn't care who came as long as they brought her presents.

She insisted that she had to be a blonde princess, and she demanded that her mother take her to the hair salon. Her mother took her. It took five hours of coloring and styling at the salon, but when she was done her hair was a golden blonde!

She went all over town showing off her new golden locks. She even started asking people to call her "Goldilocks".

She began scrawling "Goldilocks was here" on other people's property, because she was the kind of girl who did not care about other people's things, just her own stuff.

She would put on music really loud and practice her dance moves in the town square. She wanted to be a STAR!

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest...

Once upon a time there was a little bear who lived with her parents in a forest near the edge of a town. There was a poppa bear, a momma bear, and the little bear.

Bears do not like to have as much stuff as people do. These bears had a simple little cottage. They each had a chair, and a bed, and a bowl to eat from.

This little bear's name was Bearnice. She only had one toy. It was a little stuffed doll of a human. She called it her Teddy Girl. She loved the toy and took it everywhere.

For her birthday, Bearnice had asked her parents for a real live toy child to play with, but it was not allowed.

Instead, poppa bear made the three bears some delicious birthday porridge. It was oatmeal sprinkled with berries and nuts from the forest.

There was a big bowl for the poppa bear, a medium bowl for the momma bear, and a little bowl for the little bear. But the porridge was too hot to eat, so the three bears went out for a walk while the porridge cooled down.

Goldilocks was in the forest that day, picking flowers to wear in her golden hair at the Princess party. Deep in the woods, she saw a little cottage and smelled delicious food! Goldilocks didn't much care about other people's property.

She marched right in, grabbed the Teddy Girl and said, "Mine!"

She tasted the porridge in the big bowl.
It was too hot.

She tasted the porridge in the medium bowl.
It was too cold.

She tasted the porridge in the little bowl.
It was juuuust right.

So she ate it all up!

She sat down in the first chair.
It was too hard.

She sat down in the second chair.
It was too soft.

She sat down in the third chair.
It was juuuust right.

She laughed and rocked back and forth on the chair until its legs broke!

"Oh well," said Goldilocks, "At least it wasn't anything of mine that broke." She wandered into the bedroom.

She lay down in the first bed.
It was too hard.

She lay down in the second bed.
It was too soft.

She lay down in the third bed.
It was juuuust right.

She fell fast asleep!

End of Part 1